Making sure that you keep to time at home.

One of the first things that home office workers find is making sure they keep to time. For the most part they find that they work more than they need to rather than under. As we all start to look at the option of home working becoming a more permanent fixture in our working lives making sure that we have adequate time management in place is essential for our continued work life balance.

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First of all make sure that you have a decent Operator Chair so that you can sit at your desk and plan properly. Operator chairs with online prices are readily available so that you can sit in comfort and work on your next project. However, don’t get too comfortable, one of the most notable aspects about working from home is that employees tend to go over the hours and do extra bits as standard.

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Luckily there are several apps that you can use that act as a timer for the amount of hours you spend working on a project. This records the time so that you can invoice the client appropriately. If you are employed and working from home make sure that you have a clock or timer to alert you to breaks, lunch and quitting time. It might be that this will become the “new normal” and it is a good idea that we become well versed in the working ways that we will all need to do.

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