Industrial Piercing, everything you need to know about it

Are you thinking of getting an industrial piercing ?. So if so, you need to know all the information that is generated around it. Although we are eager to wear a new piercing if it is true that sometimes we have some doubts. Especially when it comes to drilling some areas that, let’s say, are not entirely common.

The industrial piercing has two perforations that are located in the upper cartilage. A unique way to show off a style like this. Of course, since there are two perforations that we carry, they will also increase the risks of infection and of course, pain. Discover all the information about this type of piercing!

What do we call industrial piercing?

As we said, this type of piercing is based on two piercings that will be joined by a bar. Although it is always located in the highest part of the ear or cartilage, it must always be the professional who tells you where to place it exactly. This is because not all ears have the same size or shape.

Does industrial piercing hurt?Industrial Piercing

Once again we are faced with a question that is very frequent. Pain cannot be measured generally. Each person can endure different degrees of pain. Although in this case, we can say that this type of piercing has not very high but also low pain. Let’s say that the medium term will be the great protagonist. Also, you have to think that after the first piercing, the second, it will hurt a little more since it has this very sensitive area. In addition to all this, we must always choose a good professional. Sometimes we get carried away by the prices, but we have to make sure that we are in good hands so that everything goes right.

Industrial Piercing Healing TimeIndustrial Piercing

In general, it can be said that three weeks after we have had this piercing, the pain will disappear. The discomfort will no longer be so frequent and this indicates that it begins to heal. Of course, to speak of full healing, a couple of months must pass. There are many who think that even after six months we can not speak of a real cure.

For the healing to be complete, we need to take care of it every day. For this, it is necessary that about three times a day, we clean the area with saline. The ideal is to apply it as a spray so that there is no residue stuck to the area. Then, the two perforations must be cleaned with great care to avoid damaging them further. Although we do not notice any type of infection, we cannot be trusted. We must always follow this indication to prevent it. Infections are always difficult to eliminate, but even more in this area of ​​cartilage.

Types of industrial piercing

Once about six months have passed and you haven’t had any kind of problem, then you can change your earring. As with the vast majority of piercings, the options are vast. Although we know that the most classic style is made up of a bar with ball endings. Of course, said bar may have small variations, as well as the ends of it,

If you are passionate about music, nothing like being carried away by an idea as special as the musical note Sol. A perfect decorative way to accompany this type of bar. On the other hand, you can let yourself be carried away by a simpler model on the bar but with arrow ends at the ends. In this case, the silver metal bar has also changed its color.

Who said that when we talk about the bar it has to be straight? Here we can see that there are always more styles to enjoy. An irregular and original shape will be chosen to show off in our ear. Even if you think otherwise, their prices are very affordable. You already have at your disposal certain pages on the internet, where they offer some of these models for prices that start at 3 euros. Of course, before you have to choose the length of the same and the thickness. Now you know everything you need to do your industrial piercing!

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