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Best Surf Spots in Europe

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When Europeans dream of a week or two away surfing, more often than not it is the tropical destinations of Bali, Hawaii, and the East coast of Australia that come to mind. Unfortunately, though, the majority of us normal folk can barely afford the costs of shipping our equipment halfway around the world, let alone paying for ourselves to get there. It seems as though this will have to remain a dream until we win the lottery…

Well, not anymore. This dream can now become a reality.

Europe, with its diverse coastline and an array of isolated islands, has some of the most exciting, consistent, and diverse surf in the world. And even better, most of our recommended European surf spots can be visited on a pretty measly budget thanks to the awful, yet beautifully cheap, budget airlines.

So, where can you get guaranteed surf in Europe?

Sylt Island, Germany

Sylt Island in the North Sea on the Danish border has long been a haven for Germany’s upper class. However, in recent decades it has been more recognised for its consistent waves that suit all abilities.

Sardinia, Italy

Sardinia off the coast of Italy is a beautiful island steeped in history. But who cares about history? We want to know about the waves.

As an exposed island in the heart of the Mediterranean Sardinia is hit with winds 15 days of the month and can see waves exceeding the 5-meter mark. There are several beaches primed for surfing around the island so do your homework before visiting.

Avon Beach, Dorset, England

England, are you serious?

Yes, we thought the same. But Avon Beach in Devon is one of the most famous surf beaches in the world. Ex-pat surfing Australians stream to Devon from across Europe to say they have surfed at Avon Beach.

Perfect for all levels this is one of Europe’s best surf spots.

Peniche Peninsula, Portugal

One of the most aggressive swells in Europe, the local surfers have dubbed the perfect wave on the Peniche Peninsula the “supertube”.

Although it can be a busy spot in the summer, you are the pretty much-guaranteed sun and swell all year round.

Word of warning, due to the fast barrelling surf this is a spot recommended for surfers with barrel experience.

Les Culs Nus Beach, Hossegor, France

Formerly a nudist beach, this French surfers paradise is a perfect winter retreat for those of you looking for powerful 5-meter surf.

There are several quality and reputable surf schools for the less experienced.

Fuerteventura, Canary Islands, Spain

Fuerteventura, off the coast of West Africa, is a Winter Sun destination for many European surfers. With over 150 beaches on this small island, it is considered Europe’s Hawaii.

The surf, depending on which beach you’re at, is perfect for all abilities. There are many surf schools across the islands for surfing novices, and if you’re looking for big and dangerous surf; speak to the locals, they will point you in the right direction.

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