How Did Afternoon Tea Begin?

Afternoon tea is a popular and enjoyable treat – whether you go and enjoy one at a luxury spa hotel, or you want to order one straight to your door from somewhere like this afternoon tea boxes company it is a ritual that dates back well over a century.

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Back in the 1800s, the main meal of the day was not usually eaten until later in the evening, usually around 8pm. This meant that between lunch and this time, people would feel hungry, as it was a long time between meals.

Therefore, the afternoon tea was created to help keep those hunger pangs at bay, and is still a treat that people enjoy today, albeit not something that people do as regularly as they did then. It was something done usually by ladies of high society, and something enjoyed by Queen Victoria herself, which made it even more popular in England.

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Often, ladies of the aristocracy would make a big event out of the afternoon tea ritual, with many guests being invited – it was an opportunity to socialise and for many to make connections with others in high society.

Although the settings may have changed over the years, the food itself is still very much the same as it was back then. Tea of course to drink, as well as small sandwiches, cakes and scones with jam and cream are all common ingredients in an afternoon tea, and nowadays people enjoy it on their own, as a couple or they have a party or celebration of some kind with it.

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