The importance of confidentiality when working in the Care Industry in Bristol.

There are several very good, highly rated CQC officiated Care Homes in Bristol and if you work in one of these or in the Care Industry in general, in this busy, diverse, multi-cultural city you will be well aware of the importance of disposing of Confidential paper shredding Bristol that belongs to your Residents and staff.  The Data Protection Act of 2018 specifically relates to how personal information is stored and disposed of securely. There are five basic rules connected to the DO’s of confidentiality when working in the Care Industry and they are, 1) You must ask for consent from the individual before sharing their information with anyone else.  2) Think seriously about Safeguarding before sharing information.  3) Consider if the information you need to share is confidential.  4) Keep written records of any confidential information you have shared.  5) Make sure you are compliant with the Data Protection Laws.

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Of course, if a Resident or patient discloses information to you that could be harmful to their physical or mental wellbeing, you CANNOT promise them not to tell anyone, in those circumstances you MUST disclose any issues to your Manager and Safeguarding Officer.

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The Care Industry is strictly governed by the Care Quality Commission and one of the criteria they are very hot on is confidentiality, so making sure personal files are disposed of securely and professionally is vitally important if you want an Outstanding or Good evaluation from the CQC.

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