Everything that happened in My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 2

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“My Hero Academia” recently released the second episode of its fourth season, showing what awaits Midoriya and his friends later in the following episodes. Animation studio Bones is once again leading animation with Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai as director of this fourth part of the series.

The premiere of the new anime episodes came with controversy, as many fans complained about October 12 that the first episode had been filled, and it was. The story told in Chapter 1 of this fourth season was nothing short of impressive, and served more as a factual account as something new to fans.

Now, however, the second episode has come strong, as not only the death of one of the main characters was confirmed, but also the new great antagonist who will even oppose Shigaraki from the ‘League of Villains ‘: Kai Chisaki, better known as Overhaul for his peculiar ‘ kirk’.

What happened in chapter 2 of the fourth season of “My Hero Academia”? In this article, we will give a short summary of what happened. So there will be spoilers later in the animated series with some details that could hurt susceptibilities.

What happened in My hero academia season 4 episode 2?My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 2

The chapter began with Midoriya ** calling ** Gran Torino to find out if they had accepted a student from the UA Academy to do an internship. He only replies that he is a useless successor, that he cannot help him, and that he should ask All Might himself to introduce him to other heroes like his former support hero Mirai Sasaki.

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Then, he leaps into what appears to be an abandoned factory, where Twice and a stranger (hitherto by anime fans) in a peculiar mask enter to meet the League of Villains made up of Mr. Compress, Himiko Toga, Magne and Tomura Shigaraki, their leader.

This automatically recognizes the young man in the mask and identifies him as Kai Chisaki, a Yakuza. And the leader of another criminal group known as the ‘Eight Precepts of Death’. They both have a very strong clash of ideas, as Chisaki was there to recruit them and be their leader. While Shigaraki wanted him to either be his subordinate or leave.

After insisting a bit more, Magne tires of him and attacks him directly, to which Kai dodges. But manages to touch him, causing him to automatically explode in a pool of blood. He seems disgusted at having been stained.

Mr. Compress jumps into action when he sees his fallen companion. But a strange object clings to his arm and he cannot use his power. Chisaki only manages to touch his arm and it explodes like the previous villain in a pool of blood. Shigaraki quickly approaches and again a strange red object falls from the sky. But does not hit the leader of the ‘League of Villains’.

Realizing this, Kai steps back and calls a partner named Shield, who comes between them and is killed by Tomura. Suddenly, the wall breaks, and the ‘Eight Precepts of Death’ appear. Chisaki then says goodbye saying that it is not necessary to continue fighting now that both sides have a casualty. And the other members of the ‘League of Villains’ are somehow seeking to stop them.

Shigaraki comments that at the moment they will not make any movement against them. And he leaves the scene claiming that Chisaki would pay dearly for what happened in that meeting. With a leap of the scene, the anime now follows Midoriya, who decides to speak to All Might to follow Gran Torino’s advice.

The number 1 hero refuses to introduce him to Sir Nighteye. As he is against the first years starting work so soon. Because he needs Midoriya to perfect his ‘Shoot Style’. And because he has personal reasons why he no longer speaks to his former partner.

However, All Might calls Mirio Togata, who gladly answers the call and reveals to Deku that he works at Sir Nighteye’s agency and could introduce him. Midoriya, despite the nerves at the warnings he receives. Decides to do it and leaves with Mirio the next morning to the agency of this professional hero.

Togata warns him that he must make him laugh so that he likes him. But when he opens the door he discovers that it was more intimidating than he had imagined. The episode ends with him doing an imitation of All Might that was not funny to anyone. Did you miss the opportunity to work with Sir Nighteye?

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