Top tips for working with a commercial cleaning company

Commercial Cleaning Belfast companies like know how important it is to have a nice clean working environment. Not only does this mean that you are providing a healthy and hygienic place for your staff to work but it can actually have positive benefits for their productivity and morale, which in turn will have huge advantages for your profitability.

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When working with commercial cleaning companies it is important that you understand how they are going to work with you. Here are some tips on making the most of your working relationship.

  • Timescales – find out how often they recommend that you have your business cleaned. For some this might mean having your office space cleaned at the end of every day and in other instances this might be once a week clean. It will depend very much on how many people are in your workplace and what kind of work that you do.

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  • Equipment – it is important to find out whether they will be bringing their own equipment to your business for cleaning or whether there are any key items that you need to purchase and store for them. It is always best to go with their recommendations as they will be aware of what your specific needs are.
  • Staffing – find out whether you will be having a regular cleaner or whether the staff member will change each time. This way you will know who to expect at your workplace on cleaning days.

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