Haunted Places in Romney Marsh

The area of Romney Marsh is a beautiful place, that attracts many visitors. There are plenty of local things to do in Romney Marsh like this https://www.localthingstodo.co.uk/locations/things-to-do-in-romney-marsh/ – but another great reason to visit this beautiful area, is for the ghostly goings on that are reported around the region.

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With its strange coastline and eerie atmosphere, it is easy to see the spookiness of the area. Dungeness has a lot of places that are reportedly haunted, from the lighthouse to the pub, the Pilot Inn. The pub was built from the wood of a shipwreck. The area has been prone to shipwrecks for centuries due to the layout of the land, sandbanks and changes in the tides.

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In Aldington, not far from New Romney is the Walnut tree pub, which as well as being the local place to enjoy a drink and something to eat, it is also the location of a haunting. It is said that some smugglers once hid a dead body in the walls of the pub, and people to this day have reported hearing the sounds of a body being dragged across the floor.

A recent popular ghost story, reported in the last few years has been the ghostly goings on at a Mexican restaurant in New Romney. Believed to be a ghost from the medieval period, diners and staff at the restaurants report a ghost with no face, who has believed to hide things and whisper to people!

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