Helping Older People Retain their Independence

For elderly people it is important that they can live as independently as possible. A lot of the things that we take for granted in our everyday lives are things that many older people can often struggle with – but we live in a world where there are also lots of good ways to make sure that these obstacles can often be overcome, by using things like mobility aids.

For elderly people, retaining their independence is a hugely important thing for both their physical wellbeing and their mental wellbeing. From independence comes higher self-esteem and more confidence in their abilities.

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There are lots of ways that you can help and encourage an older person to keep their independence, of course whilst ensuring that they are safe. Looking out for someone’s safety, whilst fostering a good relationship and enabling them to have more independence is the best way to approach older relatives – so what can you do?

Keep in Touch – Regularly visiting as well as ringing older family members is important in order to keep the stimulated and help to fight against loneliness.

Encourage an Active Mind – Keeping the mind busy is important – from knitting to puzzles, helping them with activities like this will help them to keep an active mind which is hugely beneficial, especially as people get older.

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Safety Measures – Some simple changes in the home such as grab rails and suitable furniture will help an older person to continue with their daily chores and activities.

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