How To Fix Bicycle Bottom Bracket Noises Fix It

One of the things I get asked about occasionally is noises from the bottom bracket and I’m talking about like ticking clicking squeaking creaking eight noises like that.

So, I’m going to tell you through the most common causes and fixes to get rid of those noises.

Check Loose Chain

The first thing to check for is loose chainring bolts that can cause noises from down here so go take a five-millimeter Allen wrench go through each of the chainring bolts and make sure that they’re nice and tight.

One’s a little bit lose and tighten there so make sure they’re all nice and tight and then you check to see if that solves the issue.

Now another place where the noise might be coming from is where the pedal connects the crank so what I’m going to do is I’m going to remove the pedal from the crank.

Into the crank and do that on both sides now another possible source of noises is the crank bolt or crank nut and so what you want to do is remove that and so I’m using on this one it’s a 15 millimeter on most it’s about 14 so just go ahead and loosen that.

Usually, once you loosened you can go ahead and just remove it pretty easily now once you get the bolt out go ahead and put a little bit of grease onto the threads like that, and then I’m going to reinstall it.

By the way for improving overall performance, it’s important to true the bike wheel correctly.

Bottle Cages

Another potential source of noise that may appear to be coming from the bottom bracket is actually, the bottle cages.

If you have the bottle cages make sure that the screws are tight because sometimes, they might get loose and the bottle cage will be rattling and you’ll hear that and it may sound like it’s coming from the

bottom bracket checks the cables because sometimes the cables may be rattling up against the frame. The little cable end here out of the front derailleur if it extends out the pedal the crank arm might be coming by and hitting that each time around so you might hear that.

Check the cables as well or any other sources of things that might be ticking up or bumping up against something.

Now if you’re still having problems with noise now, you’re going to want to check the bottom bracket itself to do that I want to remove the crank arms.

Add a little bit of grease to the threads of the paddle here and use marine grease then reinstall the pedal and then make sure the pedal is tight or securely mounted.

This is going to bury with the type of crank arms the bottom bracket that you have so on this one they’re square taper and that is needed to remove the crank bolts.

Then you have to need to use a puller tool to thread this in and then tighten this to pull the crank off

the spindle and do this on both sides.


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