Things An Employer Might Do To Make A Job Untenable

There are many examples of things an employer might do to make a job untenable. It is a common form of what is known as constructive dismissal. Whether an employer stops paying the employee, reduces support or bullies the employee, it is a breach of the contract and may be a basis for constructive dismissal. If you feel this way about your current or previous employer, you should seek legal advice. For help with a Constructive Dismissal Claim, visit a site like Employment Law Friend Constructive dismissal claim

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If you feel the workplace environment is unhealthy, or your job is no longer what you signed for in your contract, consider filing a claim for constructive dismissal. This is a type of dismissal that is based on a fundamental breach of the contract. This type of dismissal is not unusual and happens when an employer behaves unfairly to the point where an employee feels they can no longer work in that position. Moreover, if the employer has been abusive or threatening to fire you, it could be a reason to claim constructive dismissal.

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If the employer consistently does this, the action may be a fundamental breach. For example, if the employee is denied sick time or weekends off, or if the employer fails to provide appropriate supervision, the behaviour could be interpreted as an attempt to force a resignation. The company might also have a policy that prevents employees from using sick days. In some cases, an employer might refuse to pay for sick leave or weekend leave, or impose stricter restrictions.

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