Tips For Living in Shared Accommodation

Sharing a space with a new flatmate or flatmates can be challenging, but it is also an exciting and rewarding experience. There are some things to keep in mind when living in a shared house. Be considerate of other people and their privacy. Here are some tips to make it easier for yourself and your flatmates to get along so it’s a fun experience and not a time filled with arguments and disagreements.

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Remember that there are rules of behaviour that must be observed when living in a shared apartment or house. Some people are not comfortable addressing small issues, but you should do so as they arise so everyone understands a set of basic rules for getting along. Keeping the noise level low is essential to ensuring that everyone is comfortable with the space. However, if you are sharing a space with someone else, it is important to be aware of your roommates’ preferences and respect them. You may also want to think about keeping your items secure, especially if flatmates invite people around who you might not know. Consider using a Security Seal or locks for your valuables. Find out more at

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If you share an apartment with a roommate, ensure that you set up rules for resolving disagreements. Be polite and apply common-sense and remember that you are not living in a house on your own. Having a set of rules will help keep your flatmates happy. If you’re sharing a bathroom with your roommate, it’s also a good idea to establish separate toiletries and towels.

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