Best Ways to Care For the Trees in Your Garden

Trees are an important part of your garden, but they don’t need much maintenance. Some trees can suffer from specific diseases that are specific to their species. A good reference book will help you determine which diseases are most common in your area. You can also check to see how much water the tree needs by digging up some dirt around the base of the tree to see if it has enough moisture. If it doesn’t seem like it’s enough, try adding a bit of mulch.

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One of the most common mistakes made when caring for trees is over-watering. The soil should remain damp, but not soggy. The right moisture level is a balance between moisture and dryness. When watering a new tree, you should ensure it dries only a little at a time, as this will allow oxygen to permeate the soil. You can test the moisture of the soil by inserting your finger, a trowel or dowel into the soil about  two inches. If your fingertip or trowel comes out dry, it’s okay to water the tree. For advice about any tree in your garden, consider contacting a Tree Surgeon Poole at a site like Kieran Boyland Tree Surgeon

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Another way to care for the trees in your garden is to keep the soil around the roots moist and protected from over-fertilization. A good way to do this is to mulch around the tree’s base. The mulch should be about two to three inches thick and away from the bark.

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