Building works that need planning permission

There is a simple rule of thumb to apply if you think a building needs planning permission; assume it generally does. It’s best to do this because at least if you inquire with the council if you need to start filling out the forms, this will cost you nothing. Enforcement rules, subsequent appeals and demolition costs with the applied fees will amount to much more than if you’d checked beforehand.

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Suppose you are about to enlist the services of a building firm like Mogford Prescott Builders, then you should wait until you have permission. However, as they are a Builders Bristol way company, they will know all about the process and check-in with you and help.

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If you are looking to build a whole new property on a piece of land, you will need Full planning permission. You will need every property applied for with a separate request. However, you don’t get blanket claims for the entire site. If you are looking to build an extension onto the side of your house, into the back garden, for example, you will need a homeowners application. As you would expect, these are about half the price of a full planning permission application. This doesn’t mean to say that they are guaranteed to get through the process. The council will still want to see the details are all present and correct and that the architect’s plans are concise and accurate.

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