Soursop juice: Benefits of an anticancer juice

Soursop juice is native to the Caribbean and is characterized by a sweet flavor with slight hints of acidity. In short, it is an experience for the palate, which in turn provides benefits and properties that are related to the prevention of cancer.

The fruit is presumed to be native to South America, is widely cultivated throughout the region, and has been included in other countries with subtropical zones such as Australia, China, Equatorial Guinea, and Polynesia.

In addition, it has also been popularized for the verification of its properties and nutritional content, which is very beneficial for health.

Soursop juice propertiesSoursop juice

Soursop juice has amazed the scientific community with its characteristics, flavor, health benefits, and nutrients.

The carbohydrates, sugars, and nutritional fiber are present in the juice, which was complemented by fats and proteins.

In addition, it is rich in thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, vitamin B6, and folic acid.

It also contains vitamin C, calcium, iron, and magnesium.

We cannot fail to mention that it provides phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc.

On the other hand, the juice is widely recommended for its medicinal properties and it is believed that it could intervene in the cure against cancer.

However, so far the type of tumors that it can cure has not been determined. Likewise, it is still unknown whether in its natural or synthesized form it provides such a benefit.


Obviously, its properties regarding cancer have yet to be verified. This juice does provide a number of benefits thanks to its composition.

In relation to this, it is characterized by its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antirheumatic, and hypoglycemic action.

Good sleep

From the soursop, both its juice and its tea (made from the leaf) are good for counteracting insomnia and improving sleep habits.

It should be noted that this is possible due to its compounds that activate drowsiness.

Protects the immune system

Being a juice rich in vitamin C, it helps protect the immune system and keep defenses high.


It is also an ideal juice to keep the body hydrated since the pulp of the fruit is mostly made up of water; which is used to cool off on summer days.

Stable blood pressure

Soursop juice is widely recommended for people who have kidney problems since one of its benefits is its action as a diuretic.

For this same reason, it helps keep blood pressure under control and at its normal values; thus reducing the chances of suffering a heart attack or any cardiovascular disease.

Protects the stomach

Another benefit is that it is characterized by being an anti-inflammatory juice. Thus preventing the appearance of ulcers and dreaded gastritis. It also helps reduce swelling and pain.

It has been proven that people who ingest soursop juice are less likely to suffer from diseases of the digestive system.

A juice against osteoporosis and anemia

The components of the soursop help prevent conditions that damage the bone mass, including osteoporosis.

Also, the juice is a source of calcium-phosphorus and iron, a cocktail of nutrients that prevents anemia.

Natural hypoglycemic

If there is something valued from the juice, it is its hypogluciant capacity, which can help control the levels of glycemia in the blood.

It should be noted that this is possible thanks to its soluble fiber content that guarantees a better functioning of the intestinal transit.

Prevents premature aging

Who doesn’t want to be young both inside and out?

In case that is your desire, we recommend you to consume soursop juice. Since its high content of antioxidants, makes it a drink that prevents premature aging caused by the action of free radicals.

Relieves pain from rheumatism

The rheumatic and anti-inflammatory properties of soursop juice relieve rheumatic pain.

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