The Most Popular Mobile Gaming Genres

Mobile gaming as a whole has only been moving from strength to strength as it continues to be the biggest gaming market in the world, attracting a growing demographic away from the traditional younger teen male and more inclusive of a much wider audience than ever before, and much of this has come from the huge successes found in a wide range of popular gaming genres, but what are the biggest on mobile?

Battle Royale leads the competitive scene – If you’re looking to explore the growing world of mobile esports or games with a little more of a competitive edge, battle royale titles are certainly leading the way here. The big names of PUBG and Fortnite have been on top for a long time, and as the premiere mobile titles for esports, they’ll continue to be on top. They’re a little more difficult to get into for some, as there’s a bit of a skill curve and ceiling to the games but are certainly rewarding if you’re able to invest the time and find the payoff too.

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Casino and betting lead the casual market too – With difficulties found for land-based options, many services have started to move to different online platforms to capitalize on the growing userbase – both genres have been a huge benefit for different mobile markets and are only continuing to grow. There are a wide variety of options too, particularly through regulation change as the growth of non gamstop casinos which many can be found here have certainly helped increase player numbers too be offering some more unique options and look to push the markets forward too.

Resurgence for trading card games – The past year has seen the childhood passions of many TCG’s like Pokémon return to popular culture as pack openings and sharing of rare cards has become very common and popular once more – this has also helped the TCG gaming market with one of the biggest names in the space being Hearthstone, along with some recent news of upcoming updates, it has helped to invigorate the TCG mobile space and may lead the way for some others to follow despite some recent attempts falling a little short.

There will no doubt be big changes that come to the mobile space too, changes in hardware could allow for bigger and more complex games to rise in popularity, adjustments in peripherals or external hardware like virtual reality could also see big changes in the market too – mobile gaming as a whole is still young, so there’s plenty yet to change, and these genres are just a few helping to push that change forward.

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