How to Measure Bicycle Rim Pro Guideline

We’re going to cover how to go ahead and measure your rim and your hub for the purposes of spoke accusation.

Just start off with, you’re going to need some basic tools up in your caliper, as well as a metric tape. We’re gonna start off by measuring the rim due.

Interior Surfaces

We’re going to measure the interior surfaces directly, apart from each other. At three different points here, I’ve got 500 6,560 and again, 560 millimeters.

The reason why we’re measuring at three different points is that the rims aren’t always around when they come to you and you might end up with a measurement of five 61, five 59, and five 60.

In which case you would just simply average that out to 560 million. Now with that 560-millimeter measurement.

We’re going to go ahead and add an additional two millimeters, which is your average wall thickness for an aluminum rim at two different points.

Here in here, that’ll give us a total of four millimeters plus the 560 millimeters across the interior surface.

If you want to learn more check the article on how to measure a bike.

So that would give us an ERD or effective rim diameter of 564. That’s how we measure our rim. Now, moving on to a bicycle hub.

You can use our veneer caliper, make sure you have it set to metric. As in the case of our spoke calculator, you would go ahead and put all your measurements as metrics.

You’re going to have to start off with your overall axle width, which in the case of most road hubs is 500 or excuse me, 130 millimeters. Then we’re going to go ahead and do our overlock net measurements.

Which is from the outside of the flange to the interior contact point to the frame, or in this case, the actual overnight, this is 29 millimeters.

Driver Side

Then on the driver’s side, we’ve got 47 millimeters, just typical for most Shimano, a nine, 10-speed driver body.

Finally, we have our flange mentioned, this dimension can be measured from center to center across to the holes.

Now, instead of going center to center, what I’d like to do is obscure one hole and expose one entire hole a little bit easier to go ahead and get your absolute center that way.

So in the case of this, I get 49.6. We’ll just call it 49.5. If you put those dimensions into our spoke calculator. You ended up with the spoke link that you’ll be very happy with. Have a good time and happy wheel building.

When building up a bike wheel you need to take various measurements to help determine the length of spokes that you need for a building that wheel and one of those measurements is er D or effective rim.

Diameter made some high-tech fancy tools that help me measure the ER D of a rim and I want to show you how I made those and here are the high-tech fancy tools that I made I call them er D measuring thingies.


There is we have discussed details of how to measure your bicycle rim. So let’s check the article and if you want to learn more check our web blog.

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