Irina Shayk Net Worth, Modeling and Acting Career

Irina Shayk (January 6, 1986) is a Russian model who gained worldwide recognition by being the cover of the Sport illustrated edition in 2007. Her status changed to superstar after having an affair with Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo. But this slender model is much more than just a famous girlfriend. If you want to know the most interesting facts of her life, you should stay to enjoy the biography and net worth of Irina Shayk.

Biography of Irina Shayk

irina shayk net worth

Despite being born in Russia, Irina Valérievna Shaijlislámova, known as Irina Shayk, always had a different image from the women around her. Her tanned skin and piercing green eyes made her look exotic to her classmates, who thought she was Latina. Read more: Nicole Kidman Net Worth, Activities, Husband, Movies and Lifestyle

His father was Tatar (a name given to people from ancient Mongolia), which is why she had a fairly dark skin tone. This characteristic was inherited from her, while from her mother, she acquired the green of her eyes, which give her a striking and sexy look.

Her physique was a source of ridicule within the school since her classmates did not dismiss any opportunity to tell her that she was ugly, according to what the model has commented for various media.

Irina did not dream of being a model, despite her captivating beauty. Her sister was the one who truly wanted to have a place in the difficult fashion industry, which is why she always accompanied her to catwalk classes. On one occasion, an agent recommended that she participate in the Miss Chelyabinsk beauty pageant, which she surprisingly won.

Convinced of her modeling abilities, the then-teenager decided to try her luck on the European catwalks, causing a sensation within the most prestigious brands.

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Irina Shayk net worth

In the beginning, Irina Shayk earned 40 dollars a week. In recent years, its annual financial assets and net worth have been estimated at 25 million dollars.

From Russia to the most important catwalks in the world

Sometime later, the Russian obtained her first contract in the world of modeling with the Elite Barcelona agency, which gave her the opportunity to be the cover of nothing less than the edition of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit in 2007.

During the following months, she worked for brands such as Lacoste, Guess, La Perla, Armani, Givenchy, Victoria Secret, Ory, among others. Read more about Russian kim kardashian.

International superstardom

The world would meet Irina Shayk in 2010, when a series of photographs with Real Madrid number 7, Cristiano Ronaldo, with whom she had a solid romance, were published. The two met during an Armani photoshoot, for which they were ambassadors.

Shortly after that meeting, Cristiano Ronaldo invited her to travel to the island of Corsica, located in France. From this moment, it was known that both were starting a love relationship, thanks to work done by the paparazzi.

Both decided to end the relationship after five years of being together. Shortly after, The model revealed that she had started a courtship with American actor Bradley Cooper, father of her first daughter, Lea. However, in June 2019, the couple announced their separation.

During her career, the supermodel has been on the cover of major magazines such as Vanity Fair, Elle, Marie Claire, Ocean Drive, Vogue Latin America, and GQ.

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