Why mobile loading speed is so important for website SEO

Mobile loading speed is one of the most fundamentally important elements when dealing with website SEO.  There are a number of very good reasons as to why this is the case.  It is certainly something that an SEO Consultant Dublin based organisation like rycomarketing.ie/seo-services/seo-consultant takes into account when they are structuring your SEO strategy as part of their service.

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Probably the most important element of mobile loading speed is how it affects the user using it.  The modern mobile phone user is not used to a screen taking time to load and if it does it really impacts their impression and opinion of a website and whether they will use it going forward.  From studies shown it is pretty clear that if a website takes too long to load the user will opt to come out of the website completely rather than persevere with it.

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Therefore it’s apparent that if the website does not load quickly you are giving your competitors a distinct advantage over your operation as users will quickly switch to something they deemed to be more efficient in terms of loading time.  Even when you have managed to get the user onto your website you still need to ensure that the indexing and crawling of the page is not inhibited by slow loading as they begin to peruse the content that you have placed on the website.  Considering that the mobile phone is now the main point of contact for the internet it’s easy to see why this is so essential.

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