Practical gifts to celebrate a baby’s arrival

A baby’s arrival is always an exciting event not only for the new parents, but also all of their friends and family members who can’t wait to meet the little bundle of joy as well. In case you’ve been invited to a baby shower, a gender reveal party, or your friends have already welcomed the newborn into this world and you’re looking for the right present to bring, we are here to help you out with a few sentimental and practical gift ideas.


Diapers are one of the most important things a new parent needs for their baby, especially in the first months of life when the newborn needs to be changed every two or three hours. Although it might not seem like a very exciting or creative present, diapers can be pretty expensive so your friends will be incredibly grateful for such a gift. If you want to elevate this present and make it more memorable, you can create a diaper cake just like the ones you’ve probably seen on Pinterest. Roll up the diapers and create an arrangement out of them that would resemble a cake and decorate it with smaller, yet not less useful things for the baby such as pacifiers or socks.


When you have a baby, there is no such thing as having too many clothes. Since the baby grows extremely fast and clothes aren’t really at their cheapest price right now, this would make a thoughtful and practical present. However, make sure to read the labels and pay attention to the fabric that the clothing is made of. We recently fell in love with Irish baby clothes, because they are made of extra fine fabrics like super soft cotton and merino wool that don’t irritate the sensitive skin. Plus, baby clothes for boys and girls have both funny and meaningful designs, for example an onesie that features a shamrock will bring the newborn good luck, while a sweater knit with a diamond stitch will be a blessing for wealth and success.

Baby monitor

A baby monitor can be the ideal gift for your friends if they become parents for the first time and they feel worried whenever their baby sleeps too quietly. Such a device will give them some peace of mind and you can find a wide range of them online depending on your budget and the size of your friends’ house. Some monitors only show the video of the baby while others include audio and even motion sensors that will help the parents be even more relaxed. The battery life is another important aspect to take into consideration, as most of these devices are rechargeable and last up to 8 hours on screen time.

Personalized baby book

One of the most shocking things about babies is how fast they grow up and in the endless chaos of daily chores, colic, and teething the parents’ lives tend to become a groundhog day. A personalized baby book is a gift idea that would help them capture the most important events of the first year of their baby, such as the first teeth, first smile, or first word. You can buy such a book online or order one that would be suited to the parents’ needs and preferences, but either way make sure that the book has lots of space for writing and photos so that no memory is left behind.

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