College Dorm Essentials Every Freshman Needs

It is April, which means that many of the future students have already gotten their college admission letters and are excited to start a brand new chapter of their lives. Whether you’re staying in the same stare or moving across the country, if you plan on living in a dorm you need to be well-prepared in order to have a stress-free stay. In case you’ve already started adding the things that you want to buy for your new dorm room to your Amazon cart, we’ve made a list of a few essentials, but also some fun items that you will definitely find helpful.

Bedroom essentials

In some dorms you can be given pillows, blankets, and bed sheets, but it is a rare occurrence and it is always better to bring your own. Our advice is to get at least two pillows and two sets of bed sheets so that you can switch them when doing laundry. For extra comfort and relaxation, invest in a good weighted blanket, as it will help you sleep better thus rest better which will surely have a big impact on your mood and grades. Don’t forget about other small, but important things such as towels, which you’ll need at least three, and a mattress topper in case your mattress turns out to be too firm and sturdy. Lastly, make some room for your favorite comforter or stuffed animal that will help you through the hard times or when you’re feeling homesick.

Kitchen utensils

If you’re not a big fan of cooking, you will surely rediscover yourself and your talents when you live in a dorm. Buy a set of matching kitchen utensils and make sure to never forget them in the kitchen, as things tend to vanish when you live with so many other people on the same floor. Bring a few plates, bowls, as well as a pot and a pan for all the culinary experiments you’re going to make. As per cups, some basic mugs will do, but we recommend getting an Irish mug, as it is much better to drink your tea, coffee, or whatever else you feel like drinking from a nice mug that would remind you of home or simply cheer you up. Hop on so you can get one with a silly design with sheep that will make your mug stand out from all the other ones or a nice pottery one if you’re feeling extra fancy.

First aid kit

When packing for college, we usually tend to forget the things that we end up needing the most and a first aid kit is usually at the top of this list. If you don’t want to end up running across the campus and looking for an Advil when you get an especially bad headache, make room for a first aid kit in your luggage. You can get one online that will come fully packed with the things that people usually need the most, but our recommendation is to put one together by yourself so that it will be perfectly adjusted to your own needs. Some of the items you should definitely put in the kit include a thermometer, band-aids of different sizes, painkillers, anti allergy medicine, as well as something for a possible stomach flu and some wide-spectrum antibiotics.

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