Acacia wood, an excellent material in carpentry

Acacia is a type of wood native to Tasmania (Australia). There are a wide variety of types of acacia wood, each with different characteristics. However, all of them are perfect for use in construction. It is a wood widely used in the construction of fine furniture, cabinets, musical instruments, carpentry, or special floors. In short, for all those jobs where wood with good properties and personality is required. In this post, we will explain what are the properties of acacia wood and its different uses in construction.

Acacia wood propertiesAcacia wood

Acacia wood has different properties that make it really suitable for use in construction and for carpentry. The most relevant for this are the following:

  • It exists in a wide variety of colors. Its color range ranges from light golden brown to dark brown. The latter sometimes has reddish tints and, some other times has black streaks.
  • It is one of the most sustainable woods that exist. In fact, it is used as a sustainable alternative to other woods. Acacia wood is really sustainable. Therefore, it can be a substitute for other woods with a similar appearance, such as Mahogany (Mahogany) and Hawaiian Koa. The grain of the wood adds additional character. This ranges from straight to wavy, but always with a very natural shine and luster.
  • It is the preferred wood for Australians under construction. Thanks to its subtle beauty, acacia wood is the most used by architects and designers from their homeland.
  • It is a hardwood, but easy to work with. This wood has an average density of 640 kg / m 3 and its moisture content is 12%.
  • It has high durability. This type of wood is very resistant to humidity and to attack by insects and fungi. Therefore, it is good for use in construction and carpentry, since it allows the elements not to be easily damaged.
  • It is a very versatile wood. Its versatility has increased due to the availability of high-quality sheets and the supply of solid sections. Currently, it can be laminated up to very large sections. Therefore, it is a perfect wood for use in carpentry and joinery.

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The use of acacia wood in carpentryAcacia wood

Its brightness, durability, and its different shades make this wood a perfect element in carpentry. Although it has been destined for different uses, the predominant use of this type of wood appears in the manufacture of interior and exterior furniture, boat building, turning, floors and platforms, or in the manufacture of boards and beams. In any case, it is the ideal wood for the carpentry elements to be durable and have an excellent finish.

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