Katy Jurado – Bio, Spouse, Relationships, Equity, Daughter

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In the event that you like old Western motion pictures, there is one that you will probably remember forever; she is the sovereign of Femme Fatale – Katy Jurado. She is supposed to be one of the most conspicuous entertainers who presented the “Latin inclination” into Hollywood movies. The uncommon on-screen character was popular for her amazing picture of appealing mischievous women in Mexican movies and for her supporting jobs in Western movies.

Katy Jurado won an Oscar in 1951, Thus turned into the primary Latin on-screen character to be named best supporting entertainer for an Oscar and she was likewise the first to win a Golden Globe Award for her job in the American film Western 1952 High late morning. Jurado is viewed as a pioneer of the present Latin Hollywood on-screen characters. Like Salma Hayek, who transformed the American film industry.

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The biography of Katy JuradoKaty Jurado

Katy Jurado was brought into the world under the name of Maria Cristina Estela Marcela Jurado Garcia on January 16, 1924, in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, to Luis Jurado Ochoa (father) and Vincenta Estela García de la Garza (mother). She had two siblings, Luis Raul and Oscar Sergio, and originated from a group of incredible characters. Her guardian was the well known on-screen character Petro Armendariz and she was the primary cousin of the previous Mexican president, Emilio Portes Gil.

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Jurado learned at a Roman Catholic school in the Guadalupe locale and afterward examined bilingual secretarial work. From the early long stretches of her immaturity, she grabbed the eye of filmmakers (maybe in light of her uncommon magnificence) who needed her to function as an entertainer. Movie producers like Emilio Fernandez even offered her a job she was unable to acknowledge in 1941 in light of the fact that her folks would not let her enter the universe of amusement. She went behind her folks and marked an agreement to show up in the film No materials in 1943 and her folks took steps to send her to a private school when they discovered what she had done.

To get away from her folks’ grasp, Katy wandered into an early marriage with on-screen character Victor Velazquez. She showed up in the film No Matarás (You won’t slaughter) where she depicted an appealing underhanded lady. She stood out as truly newsworthy during her third appearance at the Lavidainutil film by Pito Perez (The futile existence of Pito Perez).

Katy Jurado dared to Hollywood in 1951 when she met American filmmaker Budd Boetticher. And on-screen character John Wayne while functioning as a bullfight pundit and radio journalist. She has cast in the 1951 film Torero and the woman nearby Gilbert Rolled as the spouse of a corroded matador.

Regardless of her helpless order of English, she accomplished an amazing exhibition that earned her another job in Stanley Kramer’s film. High early afternoon close by Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly.

As Katy Jurado advanced in her acting profession in Hollywood, she took English exercises to improve her language abilities. After this, she handled the job of Helen Ramirez, proprietor of a salon in Haute midi. Her exhibition won her the Golden Globe Award for the best entertainer in a film that carried the lovely Mexican on-screen character to the spotlight in Hollywood. She at that point won another Oscar designation for her job in the 1954 film Broken Lance where she played the Comanche lady of Robert Wagner’s character.

The unbelievable Katy Jurado was overwhelming and showed up on network shows. With two dramatic exhibitions and more than 70 filmographies in which she played a few intriguing characters. She has likewise shown up in five component films such as herself. This check was to be sure mind-blowing for a Latin lady conceived around. Then she worked effectively in the showbiz business from 1943 to 2002, the year she bowed her head. You might like to read: Ruben blades family.

Net worth

Katy Jurado originates from a rich and significant family. And she has likewise carried on with the existence of riches and extravagance. Over seven years of phenomenal screen execution as the main entertainer in Hollywood. And Mexican movies have essentially added to the money related solace of the late on-screen character. His net worth would have arrived at the entirety of $ 7 million.

Spouse and relationsKaty Jurado

The late Latin on-screen character has been in more than one marriage. Her first marriage was to Mexican entertainer Victor Velazquez. And they had two kids together: Victor Hugo Velazquez (who tragically passed on in an auto collision in 1981) and Sandra Velazquez.

Albeit impractically connected to male movie producer Budd Boetticher, John Wayne, Tyrone Power, Marlon Brando, and French author Luis L’Amour. She at that point wedded for the second time with American entertainer Ernest Borgnine on December 31, 1959. Marriage finished in June 1963 and Katy portrayed their court as the best a great time and credited the separation to desire and weakness with respect to the American on-screen character.


Sandra Lorena Velazquez is the little girl of Katy Juradonée on December 15, 1937. Of her union with her first spouse, Victor Velazquez. She was a finalist in the Miss Mexico magnificence challenge in 1958 and victor of the 1950 release. She is additionally an on-screen character and has partaken in TV programs. For example, El Privilegio de Amar (1998 ), QuePoberes Tan Ricos (2014), also than numerous Telenovelas (serials) and movies.

Death: What happened to Katy Jurado?

Katy Jurado bit the residue on July 5, 2002, in Cuernavaca, Mexico. In the wake of doing combating lung and coronary illness. She was 78 years of age when she passed on and was covered in Cuernavaca. In the graveyard of the Pantheon de la Paz.

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