How to upgrade your trailer

If you have a trailer, chances are it satisfied your needs when it came fresh from the manufacturer. However, as your needs may change over time, your trailer might not be as user friendly as it once was. One of the biggest gripes of trailer owners is the factory supplied tail lights which need constant replacement and desires for an easier method for lining up a coupler with a hitch. So, if you feel like improving your trailer, here are some top ideas:

Tail lights take a beating, so why not consider installing LED lights. Corrosion is a big problem which can lead to malfunction but sealed LED lights offer a solution. Remember to make a note of the wiring scheme when removing the old ones so you can slot the new ones right into the existing mounting. For Trailer Parts, visit autoandtrailer

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Hitch lights can help solve the issue of never having a flashlight to hand. Trying to load or hitch a trailer in the dark isn’t much fun but magnetic LED lights can make life much easier. There are waterproof tap lights available too.

Ramp kits can save you from backache. If you regularly lift heavy items, a ramp kit that can be adjusted to the size of your trailer and moved for wheeling up different loads can be a lifesaver. Lock into place and you’ve got easy loading!

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Even when items are tied down, lighter goods can fly away if they break loose. Consider the benefits of fitting D rings along the top rails with bolts and throwing a cargo net over the top and attached to the rings. A simple yet effective enclosed trailer solution!

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