Is your meeting room killing creativity?

Meetings take up a lot more time than we’d like. Did you know middle management employees spend over a third of their day in meetings? We should do more to make our meetings as comfortable and effective as possible. The room is important and has a huge impact on the meeting. A well-designed room can make a huge difference to the outcome of any meeting.

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The needs of your team should be the primary consideration when designing a meeting room. What size should the room be, and where is it located? You may need to choose between a smaller, more intimate space for collaboration or a larger boardroom. Are there any outside clients attending the meeting or is it strictly for company business?

Take a step back to see what your room is used for, and how you run your business. What and where are your colleagues’ favourite places to collaborate? You can enhance the effectiveness of your meeting once you’ve chosen the size and location. For Meeting Rooms Birmingham, consider

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The next thing to consider is the type of equipment that you will need. Will people need to be able to move around or will they have to sit fixed? Does the space allow for a creative flow?

Do you prefer standing or sitting at tables and desks? Does the table need to be portable, or perhaps height adjustable? Consider whether employees’ devices have access to charging ports and power outlets. Space for a television, whiteboard or other presentation technologies is important. In today’s digital age, audio visual equipment is essential to a successful meeting.

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