How to Keep Track of Contractors on Site

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To stay on top of the contractors on your site, you should have a system. You can use software available to help you keep track of who is visiting your site. The platform helps you set up a customised landing page for contractors that includes your branding, content, and inductions. You can direct visitors to this information via a digital sign-in process which can even be linked to printing identification. This software also features a verification process, which adds an extra level of security for businesses who invite outside visitors, clients or contractors into the workplace.

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A large business might have multiple contractors visiting during the course of a working day. So that you can remain compliant with health and safety regulations, it is essential to know who is in your building at all times. From a safety point of view, it is also vital to know who is coming in and out of the premises. To find out more about having a Visitor sign in system, contact a site like

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By keeping track of your contractors on site, you’ll be able to avoid any potential theft or loss of equipment as well. Anyone who isn’t an employee should be signed in and issued identification for security purposes. A digital management system will also provide a real-time update so should there be a reason to evacuate, such as a fire, everyone currently inside the premises can be safely accounted for.


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