How to look after your employees wellbeing

The wellbeing of your staff is incredibly important and this can be managed in a number of different ways. Here are just a few of them for you to have a look through.

Breaks – make sure that you give your staff regular breaks and access to water whenever they need it. This can help to increase their productivity as well as making their work day much more comfortable. There are legal regulations surrounding breaks at work and you should ensure that you adhere to these.

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Summer heat – when the summer heat and sun arrives, it is important to ensure that your staff are kept comfortable and safe, whilst enabling them to maintain their productivity levels. There are ways that you can reduce the heat and sun that comes in through your windows and these include the use of a  Brise Soleil such as the ones from

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Employee assistance programs – there are ways in which you can help your staff with any financial issues that they may have, or mental health problems. This includes working with organisations that provide employee assistance programs. These are a way in which your employees can access support from professionals.

One to one’s – make sure that you have regular one to one’s with your employees. This can be managed through your line managers and will help to ensure that your staff members get any support that they need to fulfil their jobs effectively.

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