Becoming Poison Ivy. Making a supervillain

One of the overriding elements of Batman, from the DC Universe of comics, is that of its three incredible female villains. Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are so wonderfully evil that they have become an iconic part of the costumed heroes story down through the decades. Catwoman can find herself on the right side of the law and it’s also not unheard of for her and Batman to hook up and become close. Harley is too deranged to know what she’s doing half the time. However, Poison Ivy is not that kind of girl. She is bad, and she’s going to show the world just how bad she really is.

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Having a power of control, and an affinity with plants, means that Ivy has become something of an Ecoterriosts. It will take all of Batman’s gulie and ingenuity to stop her plans so that there isn’t any need for some Spill Kits from Hyde Park Environmental.

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Ivy is capable of seducing and beguiling people with her skills and creating potions and gases from plants. This is because in her previous life she was a botanist, called Pamela Isley. However, Dr Isley needed money and, as is often the way with female villains in Batman, she falls in with the wrong crowd that wants her help to steal some Egyptian artefacts. Unfortunately the other villains decide to poison her. Fortunately she survives and it gives her immunity to any kind of toxic disease.

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