The Fast & The Furious Franchise

Sometimes films are quietly and cheaply made. The actors and directors think that they’ve just done a bit of a derivative time-waster, something that someone might go and see if the main films are all full. They are generally shot on a shoestring budget and are soon forgotten. However, in some cases, these films prove to be winners at the Box office, and suddenly there is a demand for more of them. Usually, this is a horror film like Friday the 13th (which spawned 12 sequels and was the highest-grossing horror franchise in history). However, one of these films took the world by storm and continues to keep speeding along. That franchise is Fast and Furious.

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Concerning heists, illegal speed racing, spies and Vin Diesel shouting “Family” a lot, the series features fast modified cars driving at great speeds. The cars are amazing, and if you owned one, you’d certainly need the help of an Alloy Repair Cheltenham based company like Vertex Wheels to keep them looking in top shape.

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The premise of the first film is simple. An undercover policeman, Brian O’Connor,  has to expose an illegal street racing circuit. Please note that Vin Diesel is the bad guy in this one. In the second, O’Connor defeats a drug lord. In the third, O’Connor is absent, and the action moves to Japan. Vin Diesel appears at the end. In the fourth, Vin Diesel and O’Connor become friends to stop a different drug lord. There are five more after that, and it just gets crazier as it goes long.

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