Are office chairs good for your back?

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There is a lot of importance placed on the need for a good office chair. It’s fortunate that there are plenty of good suppliers of chairs out in the market at the present moment. One of these is the Office Chairs Gloucester based provider as an example. The reason why there is such a focus on the office chair is because we spend so much of our time staying in them, that we need to make sure we are getting the best in comfort and support.

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When it comes to back support there is nowhere it is more essential than for a chair that we sit in for long hours of the day. Studies have indicated that the back is a pressure point for health problems in later life if the chair is not properly supportive of the person using it.

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Sciatica, hip issues, slipped discs, all of these conditions can be made worse or even be caused by the incorrect placement of the chair. Worse still if the chair is of a sub-standard quality and is not supportive at all. With increased technology in the field of research chairs are becoming better for your back more than they have been in decades. High backed chairs with additional lower back lumbar support are now considered some of the best for this role. This means the back is not under constant strain and the muscles around the spine are not in a tense state for long periods of time.

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