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How to Better Insulate Your Roof

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There are many ways to insulate your roof, but the easiest way is to start at the bottom. Measure the depth of the existing insulation. Multiply this value by the number of inches in your attic. Then divide this number by the desired R-value of your home zone. This will give you the amount of insulation that you need to add. You can also get a contractor to help you with this process. For help from a Roofing Supplier Cheltenham, visit a site like The Roof Shop, one of the leading Roofing Supplier Cheltenham companies.

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You can also make considerable savings by insulating your roof. Uninsulated homes lose up to 25% of their heat through the roof. To lower your energy bills, you can install a new insulation system. Whether you’re repairing or replacing your old insulation, you’ll find that the process is easier than you might think. You can do it yourself on the weekend or as part of a major renovation project. Alternatively, you can seek a professional to do it for you.

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While there are many ways to insulate your roof, the best method is to choose a material that blocks air. Using an insulating material that has an R-value of more than four will be more effective as the higher the R-value, the thicker and more insulating the material. Using a thermal barrier will protect your home and increase your energy efficiency.


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