What to get your favourite Irish Auntie Niamh for her Christmas present

Getting your favourite Irish Auntie Niamh as a Christmas present isn’t always easy because you know her tastes very well and she really likes quality, traditional, Irish couture alongside Waterford Crystal, Jameson’s Whiskey and Guinness.  As she already has countless bottles of both alcoholic beverages you want to choose something much more personal and suitable for the winter. The Waterford Crystal vase you bought her for last year’s present still stands proudly in pride of place on her display cabinet, so that’s not an option.

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Then you get a flash of divine inspiration and remember Auntie Niamh has often spoken about her passion for merino wool sweater women from a professional company such as https://www.shamrockgift.com/aran-sweaters/womens-aran-sweaters/womens-merino-wool-irish-sweater.  So, you go online and find the perfect, warm and colourful wool sweater and know that it will be a thoughtful and much-loved gift that your Auntie will cherish and wear for a very long time.

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Wrapping the beautiful, traditional, made jumper in green and gold Christmas paper and writing a carefully chosen Christmas card and matching gift tag you know you’ve chosen the best possible gift you could have. When you go to visit your Auntie Niamh on Christmas Day as you traditionally do every year and you watch her expression of pure happiness and joy as she carefully unwraps the gift you have given her, you know the sweater was indeed the ideal present.

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