How to Help the Planet This Christmas

One of the things that we all need to do is to repair the damage that has been done to the planet. As Christmas approaches, it is easy to get caught up in the advertising and consumerism that is abundant at this time of the year, however this is a time to think carefully about the things that you can do to reduce the impact on the planet.

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Here are some ways to make this Christmas a greener one…

Cut Down on Plastic – One of the biggest problems facing the environment is plastic waste. Try to buy things made from sustainable materials that can be recycled rather than plastic. Also be aware of things that have lots of plastic wrapping and packaging.

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Research Companies Environmental Credentials – Do some research into the companies that you want to buy gifts from. Choose those that make sustainability a priority such as this spa hamper company, h2kbotanicals. Also be aware of those that use sweatshops and treat their staff poorly.

Beware of Buying too Much – Something that often happens at Christmas is that you end up over buying. This can then result in a lot of unwanted gifts that go to landfill as well as a big credit card bill in January – something that you certainly don’t need as energy prices rise! By cutting back you can choose gifts that people really want.

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