Considerations when buying a tractor

For those in agriculture or land maintenance, tractors have become synonymous with hard work and power – essential pieces of equipment vital for handling any substantial agricultural task successfully. However given their high price tag (often being one of the most expensive purchases made on farms) it’s crucial that potential buyers choose carefully when purchasing a new tractor. Here are key factors to consider when shopping around:

Firstly be sure to examine each model’s horsepower: this is arguably the single most important specification affecting performance out in the field! A higher horsepower engine will generally handle heavier duty tasks better than low horsepower models. Find out more about Solis Tractors by visiting

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Secondly examine each model’s transmission type. This can have a significant impact on your driving experience. Hydrostatic transmission models are the most straightforward option – featuring an accelerator pedal mounted shift system that permits easy speed increases.

Meanwhile manual gear driven transmissions require a separate stick to operate and more skill to manage. Tractor performance largely hinges on tyre functionality. As such, it’s imperative to assess the tyre tread and size vis-à-vis their ability to withstand challenging weather conditions and terrains.

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The preferred option is often rubber tyres with high-load capacity for durability over extended periods. A trustworthy dealer specialising in farm equipment maintenance and provision can be instrumental in addressing concerns or performing repairs locally as needed. It might also be wise to prioritise dealerships equipped with mobile service trucks capable of attending emergencies or responding quickly during unexpected breakdowns.

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