Why are terraced houses so popular in Hemel Hempstead?

A terraced house sits in a row of three or more and is fashioned in a similar style to the adjoining homes. A staple in British property stock, one town where the terraced house is particularly prominent is Hemel Hempstead. According to data, 35.7 percent of people in this Hertfordshire town live in a terraced property. That compares to only 22.7 per cent across the country.

What are the roots of the terraced home?

Terraced homes have been and continue to be a popular housing solution in the UK. They were originally introduced to London in the 1630s. The terraced property was designed to house both family members and servants under one roof, rather than separating servants and placing them in their own quarters. The terraced home was seen as a comfortable and more middle-class solution as the years went on. This style of housing became a symbol of Georgian architecture in the UK. In the 1800s, the terraced property rapidly grew as a favoured option for housing growing populations in towns as people flocked to the areas for work.

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What makes a terraced property in Hemel Hempstead so attractive?

These properties are well built and relatively inexpensive for maintenance, especially older examples which stand the test of time. They also provide plenty of space for individuals, couples and families, and are often situated in convenient locations. They lend themselves to numerous home improvement projects, with owners perhaps opting to create rear extensions and an overall modern aesthetic. With plenty of garden space, a terraced home, once extended, can grow in value for the future. A stylish converted loft space is also an option for those moving to a terraced house. Modernising a terraced home can bring it up to date and add plenty of contemporary character. They can become bright and airy spaces offering a forever home for families.

Is Hemel Hempstead a good location for prospective buyers?

The town is part of the London commuter belt, and for families, it provides a more affordable option than neighbouring St Albans with its centuries old cathedral, or Harpenden. A vibrant yet quaint and picturesque high street has something for everyone with British old world style pubs, caf├ęs and contemporary restaurants offering a range of world cuisine from Turkish to Italian. The street features a mix of Tudor, Victorian and Georgian buildings, with retailers offering antiques and convenience items.

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Buyers who plan on moving to the area can benefit from the range of conveyancing solicitors Hemel Hempstead, including firms such as Sam Conveyancing.

It’s a good time to get a foot on the property ladder here, according to BBC News as UK house prices are set to fall for the next two years, before recovering again, according to the government’s forecaster.

What attracts people to Hemel Hempstead?

Apart from the affordable terraced homes which have so much potential for adapting and extending, the town is conveniently situated for work and leisure. Hemel enjoys good access to the M1 and the M25 and commuters who work in London can take advantage of rail links to London, with a journey completed in less than thirty minutes. There are good primary schools and secondary options, as well as a range of gyms and activity centres.


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