How Tall is Angelina Jolie? A Deep Dive into the Angelina Jolie Height

Angelina Jolie is known for many things – her acting talent, directing skills, humanitarian work, and of course, her beauty. However, one aspect of her physique often draws curiosity – how tall is Angelina Jolie. Standing at 5 feet 7 inches (or 170 cm), Jolie has an elegant stature that contributes to her commanding on-screen presence.

But how tall is Angelina Jolie stack up compared to other female celebrities? Is she tall, short, or average? And has her height impacted her career in any way? Let’s take a closer look at the inseam measurements of Hollywood’s leading lady.

Breaking Down Jolie’s Height Stats

At 5’7″ flat-footed, Jolie is definitely on the taller side for an American woman. Per, the average height for females 20 years and over in the U.S. is just 5’4″. So the Tomb Raider star towers over most ladies by 3 inches.

Compared to her peers in Hollywood, Jolie also skews tall. Famous actresses like Reese Witherspoon and Natalie Portman are petite at 5’2″ and 5’3″ respectively. Even the statuesque Charlize Theron only reaches 5’10” with heels on.

So while Angelina is nowhere near the 6-foot stature of the world’s tallest supermodels, like Karlie Kloss and Brooke Shields, she’s still above medium in the world of celebrity heights.

How Has Jolie’s Height Impacted Her Career?

Standing nearly 5 inches above the average American woman has certainly given Jolie some advantages in her career.

For one, her height helps her have a striking on-screen presence. As an action star in films like Mr. & Mrs. Smith and Salt, Jolie’s stature makes her physicality and fight scenes more imposing. It’s difficult to imagine tiny stars like Anna Kendrick or Rachel McAdams pulling off the same rugged stunt work.

Jolie’s height also enables her to easily slip into the statuesque, larger-than-life characters she’s known for portraying. In films like Maleficent, Changeling, and Beowulf, her regal stature helps convey these characters’ power and gravitas.

Off-screen, Jolie’s tall frame also means she photographs extremely well on red carpets in elegant gowns and dresses. Her mile-long legs are only elongated by heels, giving her a swan-like elegance.

So in summary, Jolie’s above-average height has allowed her to take on more imposing, domineering roles while also letting her shine as a fashion icon. Shorter actresses may encounter limitations playing certain characters or wearing haute couture.

How Jolie’s Height Compares to Other Celebs

How Jolie's Height Compares to Other Celebs

To fully appreciate Jolie’s tall status, let’s see how she measures up next to other famous names:

  • Tom Cruise: 5’7″
  • Jennifer Lawrence: 5’9″
  • Jennifer Aniston: 5’5″
  • Julia Roberts: 5’9″
  • Nicole Kidman: 5’11”
  • Gwyneth Paltrow: 5’9″
  • Scarlett Johansson: 5’3″
  • Zendaya: 5’10”

As you can see, 5’7″ puts Jolie on the higher end of average among Hollywood’s elite. She’s eye-to-eye with action-hunk Tom Cruise and looms over petite stars like Scarlett Johansson.

However, Jolie does fall short of the exceptionally tall Nicole Kidman and Gwyneth Paltrow who are both nearly 6 feet. Meanwhile, fellow A-listers Julia Roberts and Jennifer Lawrence beat out Jolie by two inches.

So while certainly not the tallest, Jolie exceeds the heights of most leading ladies. Along with genetics, this gives her an automatic advantage when it comes to certain coveted roles.

How Height Impacts Casting Decisions

An actor’s stature is often an important factor when casting major film and TV roles. Production teams may favor certain heights to lend characters attributes like power, frailty, or awkwardness. Short actors even occasionally don prosthetics or camera trickery to appear taller.

For example, James Bond is traditionally depicted around 6 feet tall to convey his masculinity and lethal skills. So 5’10” Daniel Craig wore special shoes to elevate him in his Bond films.

On the distaff side, Wonder Woman’s commanding persona led the casting team to favor tall, athletic actresses like 5’11” Nicole Kidman and 5’10” Gwendoline Christie before choosing 5’10” Gal Gadot.

And for roles like hobbits or Ewoks, short statures are prerequisites. Actors like Elijah Wood wear oversized prosthetics to appear only 3-4 feet tall.

So in casting the 5’7″ Jolie throughout her career, her height likely worked both for and against her:


  • Action/heroine roles like Lara Croft
  • Runway model characters
  • Playing imposing, domineering women


  • Ingenue, girl-next-door types
  • Characters described as petite
  • Roles opposite short leading men

Nonetheless, Jolie’s talent has surely trumped any height restrictions. Stand-ins and body doubles handle any size disparities on set when needed.

Does Jolie Ever Wear Heels?

Known for her bold red carpet looks, Jolie never shies away from designer shoes. But does she actually wear high heels herself or rely on shoe inserts?

Photos reveal the actress in sky-high Christian Louboutins and Guiseppe Zanottis at events. And paparazzi shots show her towering over Brad Pitt in wedges.

So it appears Jolie does opt for heels in public for added height. But she likely chooses lower heels or flats for everyday wear or long days on set. Extra inches for too long can cause ball-of-foot pain and spinal issues.

An interesting height hack Jolie employs is wearing tall heels with platform soles. This minimizes the angle of incline for the foot. It’s a trick borrowed from Lady Gaga who’s also 5’7″ barefoot.

But even without 12-inch designer stilettos, Jolie still stands head and shoulders above most. For her, added height is simply a stylistic choice for events, not a requirement.

Fan Theories: Does Jolie Use Lifts or Pads?

Despite evidence supporting her reported 5’7″ height, some fans insist Jolie wears sneaky lifts or shoulder pads to boost her taller. These theories claim she appears several inches over 5’7″ in certain sightings.

While possible, this seems unlikely. As an A-lister, Jolie faces endless public scrutiny. Any consistent padding or lifting would almost certainly be noticed and leaked by observers.

Hidden lifts also put actors at higher risk of slipping or falling. So for action sequences, Jolie is better off relying on her actual ballerina-sculpted legs.

The few times Jolie looks notably taller can be chalked up to varied footwear, camera angles, posture, or inaccurate eyewitness comparisons.

How Jolie’s Height Has Changed with Age

How Jolie's Height Has Changed with Age

From her teenage years to today, Jolie’s height has remained largely unchanged. At just 14 she reached 5’7″, according to her modeling comp cards.

That’s not entirely surprising – the average woman reaches her peak height at just under 15 years old. Jolie was an early bloomer, attaining her full adult stature before finishing middle school.

By 18 when she began acting professionally, Jolie was still 5’7″. And decades later today, eyewitnesses still corroborate that same height in person.

This height consistency even through pregnancies indicates Jolie likely has average rather than compressed discs. Disc compression could cause gradual shrinking seen in some aging adults.

Now nearing 50, Jolie shows no signs of any age-related height loss. In fact, her perfect posture may make her appear even taller lately. Proper alignment can add up to 3 inches visually.

So while Jolie’s features have matured beautifully over time, her vertical measurements remain unchanged. She continues hovering at 5’7″ – elegantly tall and proportional.

9 Fun Facts About Jolie’s Height

Beyond the key stats, here are some intriguing tidbits about Angelina’s stature:

  1. She stands at eye level with exes Jonny Lee Miller and Billy Bob Thornton.
  2. She rocks 4-inch heels on average but has worn extreme 10-inch platforms.
  3. Jolie is tied with Kim Kardashian and only 1 inch under Khloe Kardashian.
  4. She’s an inch taller than Marilyn Monroe and Penelope Cruz.
  5. She has 5 inches on bestie Amal Clooney.
  6. She’s 3 inches under Frances McDormand who played her mom in a film.
  7. She has half an inch on ex-Jennifer Aniston and current partner The Weeknd.
  8. She’s the tallest female lead in the Tomb Raider franchise at 5’7″.
  9. She likely wears size 10 or 11 shoes, average for a 5’7″ woman.

So while not record-breaking, Jolie’s above-average height has served her well professionally and aesthetically. It’s contributed to her commanding, elegant presence spanning over four decades in cinema.

5 Key Takeaways on Jolie’s Height

5 Key Takeaways how tall is angelina jolie

To summarize Angelina Jolie’s stature and the impact on her career:

  • She stands at 5 foot 7 inches tall barefoot.
  • Her height exceeds the average for American women by 3 inches.
  • Her tall frame has allowed her to land athletic, imposing roles.
  • She frequently wears 4+ inch heels at events for added lift.
  • Her height has been consistent since she finished growing at age 14.

So while icons like Nicole Kidman may claim the title of “tallest”, Angelina Jolie holds her own at 5’7″. Her physique does justice to every statuesque character she inhabits on screen. And off-screen, her height contributes to a regal, elegant poise worthy of a queen.

Conclusion: An Elegant Vertical Presence

Angelina Jolie’s commanding on-screen presence owes at least partly to her tall 5’7″ frame. Though not exceptionally lofty, she stands inches above average and uses heels and posture to maximize her elegant stature. While rising to A-list status, Angelina Jolie’s height likely proved advantageous more often than not when vying for coveted leading lady roles. She continues turning heads on red carpets with model-esque proportions. So while the actress captivates with her many talents, her physical verticality remains an asset that works in her favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Angelina Jolie’s exact height?

A: She is 5 feet 7 inches tall without shoes.

Q: How tall is Angelina Jolie compared to other female celebrities?

A: At 5’7″ she is taller than average. But she is shorter than very tall stars like Nicole Kidman (5’11”) and Brooke Shields (6’0″).

Q: Does Angelina wear high heels or use other tricks to look taller?

A: She often wears heels at events for style and added height. But she likely doesn’t use lifts/pads which would be difficult to hide.

Q: Has Angelina lost any height with age?

A: No, she has maintained her 5’7″ height consistently since finishing growing as a teen. She has good posture which makes her look tall.

Q: How has Angelina’s height impacted her acting career?

A: Being taller has allowed her to land athletic action roles and imposing characters. But it may have made her less suitable for some petite ingenue parts.

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