Marilyn Monroe net worth, career and lifestyle

Beyond being an excellent actress, model and singer, Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962) became an emblem of sensuality and feminine beauty. Even after an unfortunate event ended her life, her intoxicating personality and provocative attitude made her remain in the memory of the entire world as an icon of art and culture. You cannot miss the Marilyn Monroe net worth and biography. It is a tribute to the woman who managed to seduce the whole world through a screen.

Marilyn Monroe Earlier life

Marilyn Monroe was born on June 1, 1926, and her name was Norma Jeane Mortenson.  She is the third daughter of Gladys Pearl Baker. The identity of Marilyn’s father is uncertain, although Gladys’s last stable partner had been a Norwegian immigrant named Martin Edward Mortensen.

 Her mother was diagnosed with schizophrenia in 1934, so Marilyn Monroe spent most of her childhood and adolescence living in foster homes with friends and family of Gladys. During this time, the young woman used her allowance to go to the movies and spent hours in front of the screen. She was forced to marry a neighbor named James Dougherty and become a homemaker to avoid going to an orphanage at the age of 16.

Marilyn Monroe net worth

Marilyn Monroe Net worth

In 1952, the Golden Dreams Company announced that it had photos of Marilyn Monroe without clothes on. Her approximated net worth is about 10 to 11 million dollars. Despite being asked by Fox to deny it, Marilyn admitted that she had posed nude years ago for $50, as she had no money at the time. Far from being damaging, this only made the public more sympathetic to the actress and increased her popularity. In 2009, the original photos sold for more than $6 million.

The intelligent beauty of Los Angeles

In 1945, she got a job at the Blue Book modelling agency. A year later, Marilyn Monroe had appeared in more than 30 magazines. While her curvy body was not suitable for fashion publications, it was ideal for men’s magazines and advertisements. That same year she divorced Dougherty, who was against her modelling career and enrolled in acting classes using the money she earned from the photos.

He landed a six-month contract with the Fox Company in 1947, landing minor roles in Dangerous Years and Hate Storms (Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!). However, the studio considered her too introverted to be an actress, and she decided not to renew her contract.

 In a very intelligent way, Monroe befriended great executives in the industry, which led to her being hired by Columbia Pictures in 1948. With this new study, she got her first lead role in a musical called The Girls of the Chorus (Ladies of the Chorus), which was unsuccessful.

Marilyn Monroe would have supporting roles in La malvada (Naked Eve) and While the City Sleeps (The Asphalt Jungle). In the latter, Marilyn played Angela Finlay, the partner of a dangerous mobster. Critics applauded the film and Monroe’s performance caught viewers’ attention, despite only being on screen for a few minutes.

Marilyn Monroe and her irresistible charm

Fox offered Monroe a new contract in 1951. Under this new deal, she participated in the hit comedies The Great Imposter (As Young as You Feel) and My Woman Is Marrying (Let’s Divorce), gaining more popularity for her beauty and overflowing sensuality.

In 1953, Marilyn Monroe starred in 3 highly successful films: Torrent of Passion (Niagara), Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, and How to Fish a Millionaire (How to Marry a Millionaire). The last one, where Monroe worked alongside Lauren Bacall and Betty Grable, was one of the biggest hits of her career.

After marrying baseball player Joe DiMaggio in 1954, she starred in The Seventh Year Itch (Temptation Lives Upstairs). The film is remembered for a scene that shows Marilyn on the streets of Manhattan, standing on a grate that shoots air and lifts her skirt. This scene was shot with a live audience and caused jealousy in DiMaggio, eventually leading to the couple’s divorce in 1955.

Much more than a sex symbol

Determined to leave behind the comedies with little plot depth, Marilyn Monroe starred in the drama I was never a saint (Bus Stop), released in 1956. Her excellent performance enshrined her as an actress before the critics and the film was commercially successful, earning her first nomination to a Golden Globe. That same year she married Arthur Miller.

Marilyn Monroe went on to win the Golden Globe for her performance in One Eve and Two Adams ( With Skirts and Crazy  ), directed by Billy Wilder. Even though the filming of the film is remembered for the big differences between Monroe and Wilder, the film became a classic of 20th-century cinema and is considered one of the best feature films in history.

The economic, political and erotic scene of the United States after the war was represented in Marilyn Monroe. This representation was built by Marilyn, in her attempt to get out of the empty roles that were given to her. America owes part of its cultural development in those years to that woman. She owed nothing to anyone.

The sudden death of Marilyn Monroe

He separated from Miller in 1961, while filming Los misadaptados (Rebel Lives), which would be her last film. The filming of the film presented various complications because Marilyn had developed a severe addiction to sedatives. Later she spent several months in medical treatment, detoxifying. She returned to the public arena in 1962 to sing a birthday song to President John F. Kennedy. At Madison Square Garden.

Due to the amount of medication ingested, the police ruled out that it was an accident and considered it a suicide. The news shocked the world and, far from being forgotten, different conspiracy theories have emerged after the death of the actress, pointing out that it could be a murder.

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