Is Nintendo discontinuing the switch?

There has been a lot of rumors surrounding the Switch, with the latest being that Nintendo is discontinuing it. Nintendo has been quiet about its plans for the future of the Switch, but their recent hardware launch makes it unlikely that they would stop selling it anytime soon.

Is Nintendo discontinuing the switch?

No, Nintendo plans on releasing more inventory of the Switch. The console is selling incredibly well and if you were able to get any in stock for a few days or weeks later than purchasing one originally, you can be sure that there are plenty left over with no intention of stopping production at all. Or will Nintendo make a switch to virtual console? Or go all-in on the Wii U/Mario Switch hybrid concept and release it as such. Only time will tell, maybe things are too good to be true for Sony and Microsoft here. The market really does seem pretty far from giving up just yet… but who knows with companies like google we won’t know if there is any truth until launch day or a short while after that!

Why is the Switch hard to find?

The biggest problem for the launch of such a popular console is one many people would prefer to keep quiet about, but it’s an issue that could well become a catalyst for failure. Many retailers were unable to find stock in time before launch and sold out fast, leaving thousands without their choice of new toys from Nintendo which happens when you’re wanting something now…

A lot of Switch stock was promised pre-order as soon as they hit market (so up to a year ago), so when stores couldn’t get it in time for the launch, they continued giving out codes that didn´t prove usable until later and “sell-outs” left no chance… I had been waiting almost 3 months already to be able to buy one, with my home delivery having arrived 4 days prior.

How wide is a Switch?

You’ll notice above in the image how big is a text crystal block compared to an actual Switch, that’s on purpose because it has always been my opinion and many others here that people assume at first glance something this small could not have much going for it. This of course turned out to be false once we picked up one randomly from a shop only 5 minutes later! The console will require buyers willing them with some practice before they can even take aim , the buttons are quite tiny, and many thought a game cartridge could not fit in at all.

The bulk is just above it’s hinged screen portion to allow proper airflow through much more important components and possibly show off dynamic visuals should you need an added reassurance that this doesn’t blow up like so many other “mini” consoles have… literally also means they look nice too while being downsized enough for console manufacturers’ tastes without compromising anything in terms of feel and quality. Just look at the weight, we even have instance where they survived being impacted by someone with a temporary crush on us back when it was announced here , in saying that I had to go through several strict checks concerning all parts over the course of 24 hours straight (which took me longer than working day) before I could start taking client’s tests for what would be my personal primary system alongside one built for business use.


Nintendo has announced that they will discontinue the Switch after 2 years. It was initially launched in March 2017, and it’s been a huge success for them. They have sold about 17 million units worldwide. However, this is not the first time that Nintendo has made such an announcement. It was back in 2013 when they announced that they would be discontinuing their Wii U console after 3 years of its launch. As a result, many Wii U owners are worried about what will happen to their investment and how to get rid of it without any loss?

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