Smithing table Minecraft: How to make?

The procedure to create a blacksmith table in Minecraft is not complicated, which is understandable considering that it is a tool with very few uses. It didn’t really have any kind of utility until the game’s 1.16 update when it became a must-have for some players. What gives rise to this change is that from then on, diamond items could not be improved with the crafting table.

The blacksmithing table’s function is to allow players to upgrade their armor and diamond tools, so it doesn’t have much appeal to lower-level users. However, those who already want to have Netherite armor should use this construction table. For this reason, this text will list the necessary elements both for the creation of the table and for its use, and it will also explain how to obtain them.

Smithing table Minecraft

smithing table minecraft

The construction of the blacksmith table is quite simple since there are few elements required. All you need is four Wood Blocks of any kind and two Iron Ingots. However, it is important to arrange these materials on the manufacturing table or work table, in accordance with the following indications (as shown in the example image):

An iron ingot and two wooden blocks in the first line on the left, with a vertical orientation and the same in the second adjoining line. Two ingots, two blocks and two blocks, all elements aligned to the left in case they are viewed horizontally. On the other hand, the blacksmith table can not only be crafted by players. It can also be found in villages. This is a block that spawns naturally in blacksmith houses, so by entering one of these, it is possible to see and use it.

Get the elements to build

Obtaining the items to create the blacksmith table is really simple. You just have to find wood and iron. In turn, you have to transform these materials into blocks of wood and iron ingots using the furnace crafting table, as follows:

Iron Ingot: It can be obtained in caves, mines, Dungeons or by digging until you find iron ore. They are generated from levels 0 to 63 of any biome. On the other hand, an ore is needed to make an ingot and also any fuel to refine this material in the furnace. For the construction of the blacksmith table, you need 2 ingots.

Wood Block: It can be obtained by cutting down any tree that exists in the world of Minecraft and a log is needed to create 4 planks. To craft a blacksmith table, 4 wooden planks are required.

Uses of this table

So far, the only use the blacksmithing table has been given since its integration is to upgrade diamond gear to Netherite. This type of advancement can also be done on tools and weapons of the same material. The benefits are many. Basically, it makes objects more resistant and, in the case of weapons, also more efficient since it increases the level of damage.

The equipment will not lose any enchantments it had before it was upgraded, nor will there be any changes to penalties, nor will there be any lost durability. Another important feature of this procedure is that the use of the blacksmithing table does not consume experience, unlike the anvil. Another important curiosity is that Netherite items do not burn in lava, although this does not imply that armor makes the wearer resistant to this damage.

Get netherite

To use the blacksmithing table and upgrade diamond gear, you need to have Netherite ingots. To obtain them, it is necessary to first look for the fragments of Netherite or Ancient Debris, mining in the lower levels of the Nether, that is, from 8 to 22 approximately. Once located, the steps to follow are as follows:

First, you must refine the Ancient Debris in the Furnace. Doing so yields the Netherite Shards. Then you can mix 4 shards with 4 gold bars at the crafting table. For each process, a Netherite ingot will be obtained. As you can see, it is not complicated to make a blacksmith table and there are also many benefits that are obtained from it when you are a “full diamond” player. This is the only table that currently allows the equipment to be upgraded from Diamond to Netherite, which is a big change for players as Netherite is a very durable material.

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