Garage Doors With ‘Wow’ Factor

The garage door can be much more than a door to protect your car and privacy. If done right, the garage door could become the focal point of your home, telling the neighbours that you are the coolest homeowner in the neighbourhood.

  1. Accordion player garage doors

These wood garage doors that open outward, not up, look incredibly intricate. They look classy with their dark wood stain, transom window and transom.

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  1. Make the old new again

Designers have used reclaimed wood to create everything from coffee tables to baseboards. Why not garage door designs? An old-fashioned door can get a new edge with weathered wood panels, a pop in a modern colour, and a hint of chevron patterns. To fix an old door, consider Garage door repair hemel hempstead from

  1. Garage doors and art galleries meet

Murals and vinyl stickers aren’t only for interior walls. You can easily dress up an old metal roll-up garage door with a simple mural (or one that is surprisingly complex).

  1. Mirror, mirror…

A garage door made of all glass has a sleek and modern appearance, but a garage door with tint takes things to another level. Bonus: A great view will reflect across your garage at sunset.

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  1. Garage door ideas for castle lovers

As a child, did you ever dream of having a castle? You can make your garage appear like a castle. One house has a custom garage door with a large Celtic pattern that looks like the entrances to castle gates in Mediaeval times with their massive door knockers.


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