Three Illnesses that Spread Easily in an Office Environment

As life gets back to normal and we head back to the office, many offices are concerned about safety and keeping staff protected from Covid. However, before Covid, there were also lots of other germs that could be found in an office.

Offices are a perfect breeding ground for many germs and viruses, as there are not only often a lot of people working together, but there are also lots of surfaces that are regularly touched making the transmission of germs easy.

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Many offices have improved cleanliness and hygiene – using a professional like this office cleaning Cheltenham based company to help keep those surfaces germ free is one of the ways to keep germs from spreading, as is improving ventilation on the office by opening doors and windows or investing in an air purifier that is specifically used to clean the air that is circulating.

This can only be a good thing, as aside from Covid, here are a few of the other nasties that you are likely to come up against in an office…

Norovirus – The winter vomiting bug is a particularly nasty addition to the office, and it often rears its head in the winter months. Diarrhoea, sickness and painful cramps in the stomach are par for the course when you catch norovirus. Although not deadly to most people it can leave you feeling under the weather for a few days after symptoms have passed. It is important to try to keep hydrated when suffering from Norovirus. You can buy special rehydration sachets that can help you with this.

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The Flu – Or influenza is set to make a big comeback this year, after a lockdown last winter meant that there were very few cases of the flu. Flu can be deadly, so this year more than ever it is a good idea to have your flu vaccination, especially if you are in one of the more vulnerable groups, such as people over the age of 50, people who have other health conditions such as cancer, or if you are a pregnant woman. It can start off a little like a cold, but also comes with muscle pains, fever and a lack of energy. Taking painkillers such as paracetamol can help to alleviate some of the symptoms.

Salmonella – Another workplace germ, salmonella often finds a perfect breeding ground in a work kitchen. The bacteria responsible for causing this very unpleasant illness are found in food usually, and in a shared fridge can easily be transferred. It is often caused by not properly heating up food or storing food that is already contaminated with the bacteria incorrectly, so it can get onto other foods that are stored in the same place. It is very important to take extra care when using shared kitchen facilities to prevent germs from being spread around via food – always store foods so that they are not able to contaminate others, practice good hand hygiene and don’t eat at the desk!

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