How to care for your marble tiles

Easily, one of the most decorative and beautiful-looking flooring options that you can choose is marble tiling. Marble tiling is also used as a brilliant wall decoration as well. Marble has always been seen as one of the most well-known building materials. It has been used since Greek and Roman times to convey a sense of power and affluence that remains today. It is no wonder our Victorian ancestors would use it on their public buildings after seeing it used abroad. It is now affordable for homes in the UK and has been for some time. Marble tiles, such as those from, are the perfect example.

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Caring for Marble tiles is incredibly important. Most come with a protective Sheen layer, which can stop the worst of spills and scarring, but there has to be some degree of care from the owner. If there are ever any spills on the marble flooring, they should be cleaned up immediately to stop it from soaking into the stone. Using a marble sealer should be a yearly job to stop this from happening. It also allows standing water to be cleared up as quickly as possible, as this does not soak into the stone.

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As with any flooring, regular dusting and sweeping should also be factored in, at least once a week to ensure that the marble tiles stay at their optimum and look perfect for visitors and the people living on the property.

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