How to get rid of mice in the attic?

How to get rid of mice in the attic? What chemicals should you use? Are there any natural products to get rid of it permanently? Can we catch them without killing them?

Here is an article that answers all these questions concerning mice in attics in particular and in houses in general.

  1. And here is a mouse in my attic

With a small size of three cm to ten cm long, the mouse is a small rodent mammal. It has a pointed snout on which there are large mustaches.

The mouse has a long thin tail about eight cm. It has rounded and large ears compared to its size. Its weight varies from ten to forty grams.

In general, the mouse has a gray color in the sense that its coat is dark gray on the whole body with tiny fine and soft hairs, except for the belly where the coat is lighter.

It has four thin legs and five pairs of udders.

How to get rid of mice in the attic

  1. Mouse damage

It must be said that mice do great damage to houses. They are omnivorous animals with large capacity incisors which allow them to nibble on most of the things found in homes.

Mice even have the ability to eat away at electrical cables and pipes. Passing through the wires of household appliances and cars.

Thus mice cause degradation by gnawing because the teeth of these grow constantly and very quickly so they are required to gnaw at any time to be able to shorten them.

Also, they lead to the alteration of food reserves, because they eat everything they find in their path as food.

As the risk of contamination is high, any food that comes into contact with a mouse must be discarded.

Mice are also vectors of diseases harmful to human health like the hantavirus. You can read our article on diseases transmitted by rats and mice.

How to get rid of mice in the attic

The best way to get rid of mice in the attic and other rodents is to simply seal and seal any openings that lead outward.

Then come all the chemicals and naturals to kill them, or traps like the trap and the swatter.

  1. Chemical and industrial products
  2. a) Ultrasonic repellant


An ultrasonic repeller is a machine that emits loud and unpleasant sounds to the ear, with the primary objective of repelling and chasing rodents such as mice, rats, spiders, and crawling insects from the attic.


It is necessary to connect the device to a sector and let it work for 24 hours a day in the attic. And to dislodge these harmful rodents in the attic, the device emits sounds with a frequency of 1 to 100 kHz, because it is at these frequencies that mice perceive.

It should not be forgotten that mice have a great capacity for adaptation. So when it becomes ineffective, you must increase the frequency of the device.

It should be noted that at this frequency stage, this will also be inaudible to humans and domestic animals.


The ultrasonic repellent disturbs the hearing of mice, rats and many other insects. They will be so disturbed by these frequencies that they will quickly escape from the attic in which the device has been installed.

For optimal results, it takes two weeks or more in some cases to get rid of mice in the attic, as well as other rodents and insects.

The effect will be permanent over an area of ​​280 m2, and if space is larger, it will be necessary to install other ultrasound devices in opposite corners of the area to be treated.

b ) Poisons


The poisons that kill mice in our attics are called rodenticides. A rodenticide is a substance or product that destroys rodents.

There are several: Fertiligène Box of 50 Multicolored Pastes 21 x 14 x 7 cm, Raticide Souricide Wheat grain ready to use Box of 500 gr…


We will list five rodenticides whose effectiveness has been proven to kill mice in your attic in record time: APE – RODONTICIDE 231112 Fair Pate, JT Eaton Rat & Mouse Bait Station Refillable Bait Block-4LB PB, BAIT BLOCK, Poison suicide, and raticide Formula B 10 Kg of Pest Expert, Fertiligen Box of 50 Multicolored Pasta 21 x 14 x 7 cm and Raticide Souricide Wheat grain ready to use Box of 500 g.

In terms of use, they must be installed carefully in your attic in a place frequented by mice, after ingestion or after eating death will be inevitable for the animal.


Rodenticides are very effective in eradicating mice from the attic immediately. However, they should be used with great care, as they are not only harmful to mice, but also to other domestic animals and to humans as well.

It is therefore recommended to condemn access to the attic for children and pets, while the poisons act on rodents.

  1. c) Sticky plates


It is a plate with an impregnated glue, secured with a plastic film and an attractant or bait.


It has a pre-cut strip in general, it can be placed on the floor along the walls of the attic, in the nooks and crannies. It must be protected from dust.


Very practical in the attic, it is mostly non-toxic. Its results are satisfactory.

2-Mouse traps

  1. a) The swatter


The mouse swatter is a mousetrap formed of a wooden board accompanied by an iron bar which is sealed to the wood by means of a spring. It also consists of a hook that allows it to be loaded.


To use it, you need a bait: meat, chocolate, bread, peanut butter or cereals, to be able to load the swatter.

After that, it should be installed in the attic in a corner or place frequented by mice.


It is a mechanical trap 100% effective to fight in the long term against the mice which disturb and cause damage in the attics.

One of the most effective ways to get rid of mice in the attic is by using swabs.

  1. b) Traps


The trap is a tiny tunnel-shaped cage made from steel or copper wire, used to capture rodents.

The goal is to capture them, not kill them. A small door is provided to easily release rodents into the wild after capture.


First, you must open the trap door to be able to deposit the bait at the bottom. Then, it must be installed in the attic, where the mice are used to passing.

Finally, it is necessary to carry out a daily check to see if it has captured or not. Because the mouse risks dying in the trap if it is not released in time in nature.


Safe for humans and other pets, it effectively captures live mice in the attic and then releases them into the wild, as far away from home as possible.

3- Natural products

  1. a) Baking soda

The baking soda is the most natural product to fight against mice in the attic and in the house.

It is mainly recommended when you only have suspicions of mice in the attic. It is very effective when it comes to getting rid of one or two mice, or even a few.

How to use it against mice?

It’s very easy, you have to make a remedy from flour (1 cup), sugar (200 grams) and baking soda (1 cup). All mixed in a bowl.

 You then install the mixture in the attic in a place regularly visited by mice. Place the bowl in such a way that it is accessible to rodents.

How will the remedy work in practice?

Mice and rodents in general have a highly developed sense of smell. Sugar attracts the attention of mice, flour gives solidity to the product, and bicarbonate is the fatal component.

This remedy of grandmother once in connection with the juices of the stomach of the mice will manufacture an enormous quantity of carbon dioxide, which will cause an inevitable and rapid death.


You have to mix the butter with boric acid, this is another effective natural remedy to fight and get rid of mice in the attic.

Both components attract rodents and the acid will kill them. You have to mix 1/8 of a cup of borax with 250 g of butter.

You have to make small balls with the dough, which you will place in the places regularly visited in the attic by the mice and let them eat.

Take your precautions since boric acid is toxic. The best would be, as already mentioned above, to temporarily condemn access to the attic for children and pets.

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