Three Items of Clothing that Every Man Needs in a Winter Wardrobe

With winter just around the corner, it is time to prepare our wardrobes – in the winter the focus is on having a stylish, yet warm and practical winter wardrobe that is capable of dealing with the worst of the weather, and also being aware of the festive season – Christmas parties and events mean that there is also a need for some clothes that are ready to see us through the party season. So, when you are planning a winter wardrobe, what are the must haves?


A warm winter coat is definitely something that is a big part of a winter wardrobe. This is something that should take into account your lifestyle, the type of job that you do and the sorts of styles that you like and feel comfortable in. When it comes to coats, you ideally want something that is practical yet also something that you are comfortable in as that way you will also feel more confident. There are many styles of coats out there – from smart wool overcoats to fashionable sports style jackets, so take some time to look at the styles that you are drawn to and consider how they will work for you with the rest of your winter wardrobe.

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Shoes are something that definitely change with the seasons – say goodbye to the flip flops, now is the time to keep feet warm and dry. Wellies are something that are not only practical but have been making a lot of appearances on the catwalks of late – high fashion wellies are a great choice if you are looking for practical yet fashionable winter footwear. If you prefer, sturdy winter boots are also something that are good for this time of the year – cool and effortless dressing in the winter months often includes a pair of boots like Doctor Martens. They can also be dressed up or down, so suit a range of lifestyles and are as at home in an office as they are outdoors.

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Good knitwear is a winter staple and something that never goes out of fashion. When it comes to choosing knitwear, go for quality over quantity as the quality knitwear, when it is well looked after will last and last. Buy good quality brands like these mens Farah clothes to get the most wear out of your knitwear. Go for merino wool and classic necklines like crew neck, as well as roll neck which can be worn under a jacket at the office and are equally good for a family walk in the woods. When you are thinking about winter knitwear, don’t forget about the hats, scarves and gloves that make it easier to deal with the cold! These are also a good way to change the look of an outfit, so have some fun and try out different styles.

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