Log Horizon season 3 dates its premiere after delay

This 2020 is being a particularly difficult one for most sectors, and the anime industry was also notably affected by the threat of the coronavirus. So much so, that at the time we got to know dozens of anime that had had to delay their premiere due to circumstances, and one of these was “Log Horizon” – specifically season 3 of the anime -. Now, fortunately, we already have the new release date of the Studio DEEN adaptation.

Log Horizon sets premiere date for season 3

On the other hand, we also discovered that season 3 will receive the subtitle of ‘ Destruction of the Round Table ‘, so certainly, the new premise does not aim to walk short of action. In case there is any doubt, we will remember that this season will be developed over 12 episodes. So it will begin during the winter season and end with the arrival of the following – spring -.

This news comes just a few days after the announcement of “Sword Art Online Progressive”. The anime that will be responsible for revisiting the first season of Kirito, Asuna. And more but with certain news – something like a reboot -. In this sense, all those lovers of fantasy and RPG style seem to be looking forward to 2021 that will not disappoint them in terms of iconic franchises.

Ultimately, we will share below the synopsis of “Log Horizon” in case of not knowing what its story offers:

Log Horizon Synopsis

“The story takes place in Elder Tale, a highly successful virtual reality MMO in Japan. However, one day, 30 thousand of Elder Tale users are suddenly trapped in their digital world. This is how fusion between the real and the virtual. And as a result of it the fight of Shiroe will begin, who will be accompanied by Naotsugu and Akatsuki “.

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