Covering the wheels on a Formula one car

If you had been following the last Formula one season in 2021, you’d know that it’s had a controversial ending. Whether you agree with what happened in the previous race of Abu Dabi and the handing of victory to Max Verstappen over Lewis Hamilton, it seems to be an end of an era. This is very true as from next year, the Hybrid cars that have seen Mercedes so dominant are set to change in a way that should level the racing playing field.

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There are a lot of technical changes happening to the Formula One car, from the redesign of the rear wing, the ability to channel air under the car to make it grip the road, the increase in tyres size and the reintroduction of wheel covers. The last time anything like that was done was on the title-winning Brawn car of 2009.

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It certainly helps protect the wheels and the alloys, although they could just call the Cheltenham Alloy Repair team to assist them. The new wheel covers reduce the air drag that can slow down an F1 car. This will make them even more aerodynamic to cut through the air. These measures are designed to bring the other teams into the championship more and make things more competitive. The whole package is designed to make for closer racing, better tyre wear and, above all else, more overtaking.

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