Dangers of Working on a Farm

There are many dangers that come with working on a farm – in fact farming is one of the most dangerous jobs that you can have. This is because it includes a number of different risks, all of which can be life threatening if they are not dealt with correctly.

Farm health and safety companies like this https://4rreassurance.co.uk/farm-health-safety/ can help you to ensure that everyone who works on the farm is as safe as possible – here are some of the reasons why working on a farm can be so risky…

Working with Livestock – Livestock can be unpredictable, especially in the spring when they are young. Be aware of the warning signs that an animal gives off and have the right equipment and facilities to deal with jobs like calving.

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Machines and Equipment – When you work on a farm, you will need to use a lot of different machines in order to get various jobs done effectively. In order to make sure that these are used safely, they must not only be maintained properly but everyone who uses the machines must also be given training on using them correctly.

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Slurry – Slurry gives off dangerous gases when the mixing process begins, and it is important that everyone who is working with it knows how dangerous it is. As soon as the process starts, ensure that nobody is in the shed where it is being done, and also make sure that nobody re-enters the shed for at least half an hour after the process has ended.

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