Why your banner ads need to be responsive

If you’re still using traditional banner ads, you are likely missing out on securing all-important clicks and conversions. Let’s look at a few reasons why you should be using responsive banner ads instead.
What are responsive banner ads?

As this Google article explains, responsive ads automatically adjust their dimensions to fit available spaces, which makes them the best option for campaigns targeting different devices.

This matters because there are so many different devices out there with different screen sizes being used to access the internet. Therefore, the only way to drive meaningful results from an online ad campaign is to utilise the power of responsive banner ads.

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The advantages of HTML banner ads

While Flash was once the go-to format for video and animated banner ads, HTML5 has now become the industry standard.

HTML5 has provided advertisers with an additional layer of flexibility and removed the need to create numerous versions of the same ad with just slightly different dimensions. As well as improving the reach of banner ads, this has also reduced costs for advertisers.

Additionally, HTML5 banner ads are highly accessible and readable across all devices and can contain everything from text to static images and video content.

Features of an effective banner ad

Animated banner ads, such as the examples seen at https://thebannermen.com/banners/animated-ads/html5, can be used to drive a range of outcomes including increasing traffic, promoting product features, and communicating core brand messaging to a specific target audience.

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The best responsive banner ads also deliver a level of intuitiveness, which means that people know what they can expect to see after clicking on an ad. Additionally, successful responsive ad campaigns are highly aesthetically pleasing and utilise fonts, colours and imagery that present a clear message and reflect the brand.

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