Four Iconic Sights in Cheltenham to See if you are Visiting the Town

Cheltenham is town that has it all – it is a modern and thriving place to be with fantastic shopping in places like the Regent Arcade, as well as many local businesses like Cheltenham PR agency – being where it is it is also appealing with lovers of the great outdoors as it has great access to the Cotswolds – the perfect place to enjoy a long walk across this area of outstanding natural beauty, and of course it is probably most famed for it’s horse racing festival, the Gold Cup which attracts visitors from all over the world to watch this famous spectacle.

Here are some more of the sights that are famous in Cheltenham that you might want to have a look at when you are in the area…

The Pitville Pump Room – The story behind the pump room is the one that put Cheltenham on the map and gave it it’s full name – Cheltenham spa. When pigeons were found pecking at salts deposited by the spa waters in the filed of a local farmer hundreds of years ago, the springs were found, and pumps built so that people from all over could come to Cheltenham to enjoy the spa waters which were the height of fashion at the time as a tonic to ill health – there was even a royal visit to the town! This beautiful building is now used for parties and events, and it is a really spectacular building.

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The Gardens at Montpelier – On a sunny day there is no better place to spend time in Cheltenham than in the Montpelier gardens. Many people come here to spend time relaxing with a book and a drink, walking the dog or spending some family time. There are many places around the gardens to get refreshments form and the beautifully landscaped gardens and bandstand provide a beautiful surrounding for a sunny day!

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The Town Hall – This is a place that now holds shows and concerts and is also known for its impressive architecture. It is a grade 2 listed building and has a beautiful interior, built in the Baroque style of the day. It was built in 1902 to provide a place for the many balls that were held in Cheltenham in those days, and you can imagine it in those days as you take in the beautiful balconies and marble columns.

Royal Crescent – This is one of the most iconic features of Cheltenham. The crescent of beautiful Georgian town houses situated in the centre of the town were built in the 1800s, as the town was growing and becoming prosperous. It is now home to many local businesses and is one of the first sights that you will see if you travel to Cheltenham by bus as it directly looks onto the Royal Well bus station.

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