Why are there Irish pubs all around the world?

No matter how many countries you’ve traveled to, chances are there was at least one Irish pub in each of them. There are over 7000 pubs in Ireland alone – to no one’s surprise, since Ireland is the cradle of pub culture. In fact, it can be said that pubs are a trademark of Irish culture. But how did it become such a popular concept all over the world?

The cultural significance of pubs

First and foremost, what is the significance of pubs in Irish culture? The world’s oldest pub, based on the site of a 10th-century tavern, is located in Ireland. So you could say that pub culture definitely has a very long history in Ireland. Throughout the course of this history, pubs have been the meeting place of artists, revolutionaries, they have been restaurants, music venues, and sometimes wedding venues or even funeral homes. Most importantly, pubs are the place where you can find some Irish “craic”, which is the Gaelic term for “fun”. After all, who doesn’t like a cup of good cheer after a long day or week of working?

Experiencing Irish culture in a local pub

Tourists flock to Irish pubs because these are the spots where one can have an authentic cultural experience. Pubs serve the best Irish recipes, they have the best traditional music and dance. Pubs are the best places to enjoy the best Irish ballads and world-class dance performances. There’s even the Irish Dance Party where you can enjoy some Irish dancing lessons. Locals and tourists alike can find a fitting pair of Irish dance shoes and join in on the fun of Irish dancing. There’s no shortage of interesting things that you can do in an Irish pub. With over 7000 pubs in Ireland, 751 in Dublin alone, each with its own special flavor, you will definitely find a pub that you will absolutely fall in love with and will want to revisit it as often as possible.

Social drinking location

But why are there so many Irish pubs around the world? It is largely thanks to the Irish diaspora. Expats tried to recreate the atmosphere of an authentic Irish pub in order to feel like home. Considering the fact that Irish people have a reputation for being good-natured and fun to be around, no wonder people would want to come to an Irish pub to get some of that Irish “craic”. Besides, who doesn’t like a pint of fresh Guinness in a cozy, vintagey, thematic pub? Guinness is, after all, one of the most popular drinks in the world. But, in the end, the main reason for the popularity of Irish pubs comes down to ambiance. The Irish pub concept has successfully established itself in the social drinking location category, which means that people, no matter where in the world, go to Irish pubs expecting to have a good time together with their peers.

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